Vail Valley Rolfing

Well beyond just a massage, rolfing reaches deep, with a history of lasting results, and permanent relief. Rolfing is structural integration.


Rolfing® is a systematic soft-tissue approach to total structural alignment.

This hands-on approach to releasing deeply ingrained patterns of tension and strain has proven highly effective in treating everything from neck pain to impaired mobility, repetitive stress injuries and other chronic tension. Such imbalances can arise from poor postural habits, and accumulated stress or can occur suddenly as the result of injury. Whatever the specific cause, treating the symptoms rarely brings lasting results. Rolfing goes well beyond conventional therapies and other forms of bodywork to balance the body in gravity for permanent relief. --> find out more!

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold Laser therapy, also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), is a revolutionary and highly effective treatment for many neuromuscular conditions. It gained FDA clearance in 2002 for the treatment of chronic neck and shoulder pain, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. The concentrated light energy emitted by the laser stimulates an increase in micro circulation and ATP production at the cellular level, thus enhancing tissue regeneration and communication. The overall effects of laser therapy include decreased pain and inflammation, and increased range of motion. --> find out more!

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Our office location:

Vail Valley Rolfing, 150 E. Beaver Creek Blvd., Suite 204, Avon Colorado.

In the valley of Vail, Colorado, in the town Avon. Just two blocks off I-70 take exit 167, we are located on East Beaver Creek Blvd.

We are about 15 minutes drive from Vail Resort.

    Directions to our office:

  • From Vail Resort:

  • Take I-70 West 10.6 miles to exit 167 to Avon...

  • From I-70 East or Westbound:

  • Take Exit 167 to Avon -> Continue south on Avon Road -> Follow the roundabout to East Beaver Creek Blvd -> Pass 'The Christie Lodge' on left -> 150 E. Beaver Creek Blvd on left -> Suite 204

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